Am I “crazy?”

The word crazy means “full of cracks or flaws.” Another definition is being erratic or being out of the ordinary. No, you are not crazy, just trying to find a way to live life to its fullness.

If I see a “shrink,” does this make me crazy?

Seeing a counselor does not mean you are crazy.  In fact, counselors are mental health professionals just like medical doctors. They are trained and have experience in their profession. Mental health services are no different than medical services.

I don’t want anyone to know that I am seeing a therapist. Is my information kept private?

Absolutely. Your treatment and information are confidential, as well as protected by the Confidentiality Act, Privacy Act and the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).

Sometimes I see people in public talking to themselves and looking crazy.  Is there help for these individuals?

Persons who are in need of intervention can receive mental health services, but they have a right to refuse help. However, if they become an imminent danger to themselves or others, they can be court-ordered to receive inpatient psychiatric services.

I am scared of crazy people.  Are they dangerous?

According to the research, persons who are afflicted with mental illness or mental disorders are no more dangerous or aggressive than people who do not have mental illness. Unfortunately, the media have portrayed the mentally ill as dangerous and aggressive.

People who are addicted to street drugs or alcohol, can they kick the habit if the really wanted to?

Substance abuse is a serious problem in our society.  It causes people to lose their jobs, families, homes and lives. Substance abuse requires professional intensive, on-going treatment. Addicts are not able to stay drug-free without professional help. There are no research studies that support “will power” being effective for substance abuse.

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